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Overview & Capabilities:

The way we plan, manage, construct, produce and deliver/transport in businesses today has a significant impact on the environment and community well-being.

Addressing sustainability issues helps companies and organisations ensure they operate, develop and deliver in a way that is not only business effective environmentally fit for purpose.

We at GreenCarbonLite ensure the environmental impacts of business operations are identified, properly communicated and mitigated. We understand the commercial balance needed relative to the environmental necessities. With significant experience, especially in energy intensive industries, in developing and implementing sustainability programmes, we have an excellent position to accompany businesses in this important value offering.



Sustainability is increasingly driven by legislation and local guidelines. It is important to not only comply with these, but consider the overall impacts of current and future projects on the environment and resources, using that to enhance brand image both internally and externally.

Sustainability plans and initiatives must be integrated into operations and management, have the full support of the Executive and involve external stakeholders. Whilst driven by the environmental and social rationale, these must not however, lose sight of the commercial benefits and costs.


Our Approach revolves around:

  • Sustainability appraisals, including potential impact assessments, from an environmental, social and economic perspective.
  • Sustainability improvement evaluations.
  • Planning project assessments (minimising adverse impacts and maximising benefits and value).
  • Alignment and compliance studies to current and future potential legislative policies.
  • Business case evaluations for environmental grants.
  • Sustainability reporting.
GCL is an advisory firm with offices in Belgium, Germany, The UK and affiliates in Switzerland and Spain.
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