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Overview & Capabilities:

The use of renewable natural resources is seen increasingly as a way to both secure energy supply and make a positive impact on climate change. With investment incentive schemes at regional and national levels at their highest in years, companies and organisations are turning to Renewables. Knowledge in this area is plentiful but getting good objective advice, that is not just technology based, on integration and planning issues, is less than evident.

For many companies, it is not about fuel substitutions (security and cost driven), but development of new “products and services” in Renewables, where the technical know-how is very high but the go-to-market and commercial access needs support.

At GreenCarbonLite, we provide practical advice and analyses, as well as project management expertise to successfully bring Renewable programmes and initiatives to realisation. Be this from the user side or developer side. From feasibility studies, due diligence on investments to regulatory assistance and alternative energy strategies, we cover a high level of advisory services in this service line; bringing our intimate knowledge of utilities, engineering and consulting to use in the business applications of Renewables.



Industries are awash with conflicting messages on what to do and when on Renewables – too often technically orientated and not enough business focused.

Tax and incentive structures currently remain the main drivers for adoption, but this is changing as business models for the uptake of Renewable energies become more positive.

Carbon, Capture and Storage (CCS) programmes may not be so well accepted nor advanced, but with major US and Chinese impetus this is likely to change quickly.


Our Approach includes amongst others:

  • Renewable strategy development and planning.
  • Feasibility studies (supply and/or demand side).
  • Definition and evaluation of developments and implementation of energy diversification strategies.
  • Alternative fuel technology assessments.
  • Due diligence (technical, strategic and regulatory) and investment planning advice.
  • On-site Renewable generation planning.
  • Target asset valuations and M&A support.
GCL is an advisory firm with offices in Belgium, Germany, The UK and affiliates in Switzerland and Spain.
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