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Energy Efficiency

Overview & Capabilities:

Energy efficiency and sourcing programmes are clearly the most visible and cost focused solutions for mitigating climate change and improving the bottom line.

Our Energy efficiency service offering at GreenCarbonLite is geared around making cost reductions and carbon abatement an integral part of a companyís or organisationís operational goals. We know by experience that such programmes are not just wishful initiatives but business critical ones. We understand what practical steps businessís need to take and the processes required to cut energy costs and secure better supply.

Our "Energy efficiency roadmap", allows businesses to quickly identify and evaluate objectively, across the organisation, the quick wins in energy use, demand management, waste/water management, sourcing, logistics and transportation, as well as staff behaviours.

The experience GreenCarbonLite has, allows out clients to undertake an effective planned programme that sets out the actions and savings, giving immediate and concrete results.



Smart energy, sourcing and transport efficiency measures are no more the sole responsibility of individual departments or procurement managers. They sit firmly on the Executive agenda.

Companies and organisations can not only gain significant value and benefits from such measures, but an upper hand against their competitors. This is not, however, simply about cutting electricity and heating bills.

Effective and long term programmes are ones that work across the organisation and functions, becoming embedded in day-to-day actions, tactical and strategic decisions and management behaviours.



  • Energy efficiency improvement assessments.
  • Tracking and improving energy use, sourcing and logistics across the business.
  • Understanding and evaluating demand and control management.
  • Planning an aligned energy reduction implementation programme and delivering against that.
  • Monitoring and reporting on energy reductions (consumption based).
  • Investment modelling and incentive scheme evaluations.
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