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Our Values and Strengths

We believe passionately in adding value every time we engage with our clients, drawing on our main assets of experience and practical & innovative insights. This experience represents our potential to add value; and our insights the means by which we fulfill our potential to deliver excellence. We value both and invest our time and efforts in continually striving to deliver beyond the expectations set for us.

We are driven by 5 key firm-wide values:

Trust Create a trusting relationship with our clients & help them achieve their business and "green" objectives through mutual understanding & collaboration
Accountability Consider the impacts of our actions on our clients business, their staff, their customers and our staff, as well as the environment. Take ownership of our tasks with clear goals and timetables
Excellence Commit to deliver to the highest standards of excellence and quality in both service delivery and reliability
Integrity Act with honesty and courage, giving appropriate but challenging advice. Live up to the highest standards of professional conduct
Independence Act without any affiliation to specific groups or 3rd parties, without compromising our ethics or ambitions for positive climate change
GCL is an advisory firm with offices in Belgium, Germany, The UK and affiliates in Switzerland and Spain.
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